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We work with Elvis on a regular basis for voiceover services related to employee training videos, customer announcements and more, on behalf of a global chain of stores, and we are very satisfied with the results and with Elvis’ professionalism.

Fabien Côté, President – Stoquart Americas, Québec (Canada)

Elvis and I have been working remotely together for several years. During that time, we have shared many opportunities. We share the same passion for voiceovers and the commitment to a job well done!
Not only does Elvis provide me with great turnaround times for Vo’s, his professionalism shines through every time!
His Spanish productions are appreciated by many of my clients who come to me for a complete package in several languages.
Although we are in different countries, our alliance is appreciated worldwide!
I highly recommend this talented voice for any type of project.

Claudio Napoleoni, French / English Voiceover actor, Quebec (Canada)

Even though it was several years ago, I remember that Elvis was very easy to work with. My client selected his voice over other voices for their corporate and industrial videos. He was on time and on budget. The scripts were quite technical and the client approved his voiceovers with minimal changes.
I will certainly use his services again if the opportuntiy arises.

Bob McNaughton, Dog & Pony Productions Inc., Ontario (Canada)

We were thrilled with the speed and quality of the voice job Elvis did for us and our end client Dräger. He was exactly what we needed and we look forward to working with him again soon.

Peter Seaton-Clark, Offstimme, Leipzig, (Germany)

Working with Elvis was a great experience. Not only was he fast and professional, but he even fixed language issues in my translated script that I never would have caught. Would absolutely hire him again.

Craig Stubing, Filmmaker - Unwritten Films, New York (USA)

I hired Elvis to record the narration of the Spanish version of my video-guides for stroke therapy. His work was simply perfect in every respect. In the technical aspect, it was fast and of very high-quality. Elvis' voice is magnificent. In the personal aspect, I found a great person with whom it is very pleasant to work, and with fast and effective communication. He will be the Spanish voice in all my future projects.

Dr. Valerio Sarmati, Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Specialist - Stroke Therapy Revolution, Rome (Italy)

I contacted Elvis in an emergency situation in which I had to record a voice over for a TV commercial, and he quickly answered and took up the challenge, providing effective solutions so that everything would go perfectly. Without knowing me, he was a kind person and ready to take risks so that the problem could be solved, which is very important in this environment in which we do not need obstacles but solutions. Excellent service and quality. I did not hesitate a second to hire their services again and I will continue doing so. 100% recommendable.

Vicente Ziegler, Senior Graphic Designer - Le Cube, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Elvis is the true King.
Highly professional and respectful of everything agreed upon, Elvis is always the first one to respond to my inquiries, and with the best personalized attention. After receiving more than ten full VO jobs from him in a timely manner, I can guarantee an excellent work experience.
After almost 2 years supporting us with his voice overs for our training and coaching projects, I must confess that I have never had the pleasure of meeting him in person.
Finally, I am obligated to emphasize that even in the middle of the Holy Week, he supported and rushed to help us

Alejandro Guzmán, Executive Director - Serprosurca Consulting Group- Latin America

My experience with Elvis has been excellent. In addition to always doing an exceptional job, his attention to our requirements and deadlines is always timely and thorough. Despite being in a different country than ours, he is easy to communicate with and is always willing to collaborate. 100% recommended!

Benjamín García Clydesdale, Executive Director - Linescope, Santiago de Chile (Chile)

We are very happy with Elvis’ work. The project required him to comply with very strict deadlines and there was a very small margin for error. Elvis understood perfectly what we were trying to achieve and left is own mark on the final audio.
We highly recommend him, not only for what has already been said, but also for his personal and friendly treatment.

Pablo Verano - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

I have worked with Elvis Di Marcantonio on several occasions. Since 2013, we have worked together on some TV commercials for brands from the Empresas Polar Group, such as Toddy and Toddy Chips. The result of his impeccable and professional work as a VO talent is owed to his excellent dedication to each project, his friendly and commercial voice, and the versatility of his acting skills.

Guido Melillo, Music Producer - Composer, Caracas (Venezuela)

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