Spanish Voice Over for Corporate and Business Videos

Video is a powerful tool when it comes to promoting a company and the products or services it offers. As a Spanish Voice Over actor, I have always been passionate about corporate recordings. From small startups or entrepreneurial projects, to the biggest well-known corporations, I provide Spanish voice over services for business presentations, employee tutorials and onboarding videos, dubbing for video testimonials or training projects, voice over for marketing videos, narration for corporate videos, IVR and on-hold systems, and many others.

Spanish Voice Over - UPS

Spanish voice over and narration in a neutral accent on corporate video “The Power of Customs Modernization”, from the American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company UPS.

Spanish narration in animated corporate video - Hybrytec

Voice Over in Spanish, Neutral Latin American accent, in the corporate video of Hybrytec, a Colombian company that develops solar modules and photovoltaic energy systems.

Narration for medical video - Dräger

Narration in a neutral accent for the Spanish version of Corporate Video “Ayer, hoy, mañana…” (“Yesterday, today and tomorrow…”), which introduces new products made by German medical technology company “Dräger”, related to interhospital intensive care transport.

Narration on whiteboard explainer video - Habitribe

Voice over in a neutral Latin American accent for corporate whiteboard explainer video of Habitribe, a company from Miami, Florida, dedicated to real estate investments in the United States.

Narration on Corporate Video - Palgrove

Voice Over in a neutral accent for the Spanish version of the Business Video of Palgrove, an Australian company in the livestock industry.

Spanish Dubbing on Company Video - Cavitus

Spanish dubbing in a neutral accent on testimonial corporate video of Cavitus, a global industrial technology company based in Australia.