Spanish Voice Over for Medical Content

One of the most requested types of content for a voice over actor nowadays is medical narration. A medical video could have many purposes. It could be used for educating patients about a specific medical procedure that they’re going to receive, to teach doctors about a new practice that was recently developed in the industry, or to explain the features of a product specifically designed for clinics. For healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions and software and technology producers, I can provide many kinds of services, including Spanish voice over for medical videos, dubbing into Spanish for videos with patient testimonials, or narration for medical e-learning courses.

Narration for medical video - Dräger

Narration in a neutral accent for the Spanish version of Corporate Video “Ayer, hoy, mañana…” (“Yesterday, today and tomorrow…”), which introduces new products made by German medical technology company “Dräger”, related to interhospital intensive care transport.

Voice Over for Corporate Video - Vision Engineering

Spanish voice over for the corporate video of Vision Engineering, a British company dedicated to the elaboration of microscopes and measuring systems for the medical global industry.

Narration on PSA – “A su salud” / University Health System

Narration for the Spanish version of TV Public Service Announcement of “A su salud San Antonio”, the health plan developed by University Health System, and broadcast in Texas.

Voice over for promotional video - Sur Salud

Voice over for promotional video of the medical and dental clinic Sur Salud, located in Calbuco, Chile.

Voice over on explainer video for ophthalmological patients – Ocala Eye Clinic

Narration in whiteboard explainer video, in its Spanish version, describing the cataract surgery procedure to the patients of the ophthalmological clinic Ocala Eye, located in Florida, United States.